New Holland Folly

  • Architect

A winning entry for the FollyDock competition in The Netherlands which looked to create a meaningful folly to prime the redevelopment of a vast old port area into a revitalised city.

The folly is a glasshouse containing seedlings of Australian flora to use in the new living environment of Heijplaat, which will be developed.  The folly draws upon the site's past connection with the exploration of the new world, and contains the symbolic beginnings of the future of the site. 

It's design was inspired by Australian historical corrugated iron constructions, Victorian era cast iron lacework and Australian flora.  These elements are translated into contemporary ideas of form, material and process.  It is a design built from stories of travel, migrants and new beginnings.  It is a metaphorical seed, ready to stimulate the growth of new developments on the spot where it will be planted.

The model was selected to tour with the Venice Biennale in 2009, and subsequently toured Asia as part of a travelling show.  A smaller version of the design was also realised - the lantern shaped flower was made of similarly shaped steel segments with an open work structure and hung in the trees at the beginning of the Courzandseweg.  At nightfall it was transformed into a lantern dispersing a fairy-tail light.