White Noise

  • Completion Date
  • Client
    ACMI, Federation Square
  • Cost
    AUD $150k
  • Gross Internal Area
    1,500 m²
  • Architect
  • Lighting Consultant
    The Flaming Beacon Pty Ltd
  • Builder
    Mr Paul Lahiff, Showworks
  • Curator
    Mr Mike Stubbs
  • Photographer
    Christian Capurro

White Noise was a major exhibition commissioned by ACMI at Federation Square's Screen Gallery.  The work consisted of nine international and local installations using light, sound, image, colour and rhythm to challenge the modern precepts of abstraction in digital age.  studio505's brief was to completely redesign the gallery space in a way which complemented and extended the focus of the artists' work within an extremely tight budget and in an extremely long space (over 100 metres).

studio505 created an enfilade, a 110m long corridor of gates to both separate and connect the disparate works.  The design was hailed as the first successful manipulation of the extreme proportions of the screen gallery, and reviewers and participating artists alike have identified the tenth work of the exhibition as being the exhibition design itself.

studio505 worked closely with the ACMI team, the lighting designers and the exhibiting artists to create the exciting new exhibition space for White Noise.  White Noise is an immersive journey into the hiss and flicker of abstraction in the digital age.  Devoted to the contemporary revival of the abstract and the minimal, White Noise is a major, international exhibition.  Featuring large-scale, abstract works by Ryoji Ikeda and Ulf Langheinrich, White Noise assembles cutting-edge, moving image artworks from Australian and international artists at the forefront of digital abstraction.

Both Dylan Brady and Dirk Zimmermann worked previously on the ACMI building itself during their tenure for the design of Federation Square for LAB and Atelier One.


Australian Architecture Awards 2006
Best Interior Architecture

Museum Industry Recognition Awards (MIRA) 2006
Honorable Mention

"I have ripped through the blue lampshade of the constraints of colour.  I have come out into the white.  Follow me comrade aviators... Swim into the white free abyss, infinity is before you"

Kazimir Malevich, 1919

Kazimir Malevich compositionKazimir Malevich composition