Hainan Eco Farm

  • Client
    Jenny Jiang
    Annie AUS Eco Farm
  • Architect

A boutique hotel and eco farm situated in Hainan Island, China.  Hainan Eco Farm is situated next to a lake and is surrounded by rubber and betal tree plantations. 

The eco farm ethos promotes the nurturing of healthy and just farms, food systems, communities and the environment. Guests are invited to learn about organic farming and agriculture whilst staying in 5 star boutique hotel accomodation. 

The eco farm will be built with the lowest possible environmental impact whilst maintaining the highest experiential quality for the guests. Part of the philosophy is to show that being sustainable doesn’t mean sacrificing quality of life; rather it shows how wonderful and easy a sustainable life can be.

Using holistic design techniques, the entire site will be developed to best use its natural resources, from the garden, the sun, rain, and the earth in all aspects of its operation and  construction.