Wujin Lotus Chandelier

  • WUJIN,

The central flower pod of the Lotus Conference Centre, over 30m high internally, is activated and comes to a feature culmination with this 7m tall chandelier and sculptural object.  Hanging from the central junction of the four pod petals, the light is a biological, geometrical focus of the structure and spatial design. 

studio505 have designed a structure that integrates a complex geometry with simple detailing, structural efficiency and dynamically perceived sculptural and illuminated form.  In collaboration with studio505, the light has been developed, detailed, fabricated and installed by BAM (Ballistic Architecture Machine), a Beijing based, USA founded international landscape architecture, design and construction company.

The chandelier system consists of a rigid frame structure made of welded rod, from which flat laser cut acrylic fins are cantilevered.  This way a complex 3-dimensional  form is achieved exclusively by means of linear and planar elements, yet creating a fabulous depth and complexity of form.

The acrylic panels are laser-cut to a series of profiles to create a fabulous, blurry stamen of light.  The solution adopted generates droplets at the tip of each petal, creating a second volume of space that envelopes the primary leaf structure.  The project includes a fully programmable lighting system: rain lights down the central void of the structure, LED strips running the length of the structural net that projects light into the acrylic fin petals as well as programmable single point LEDs within the droplets themselves.

The chandelier creates a truly awesome feature for the overall project both day and night, and is a beacon to visitors through the glass of the lotus pod.

Visualisation of central flower pod with hanging chandelierVisualisation of central flower pod with hanging chandelier
Chandelier installationChandelier installation
1:10 prototype model1:10 prototype model
design development studiesdesign development studies
Central flower pod section showing chandelier extent and locationCentral flower pod section showing chandelier extent and location

Under constructionUnder construction