Chisholm Institute
Art Facade

  • Client
    Chisholm Institute of TAFE
  • Art Façade Architect
  • Artist
    Geoff Nees
  • Photographer
    Sebastian Gollings

The Chisholm Insitute of TAFE Dandenong building has been developed to embody the emergent dialogue of transparency in both architecture and institution.  The concept of the work was to further enhance and embody this world of translucency and suggestion.  The biological and pre-linguistic nature of turbulence, growth, flowering and communication are cast within the smooth glass of the art wall.  The proposal creates a hologram of depth that can be read as an interior complexity, or as an image of luminous texture.

Laser cut sheets of polypropylene are fixed to acrylic backing sheets.  the petals are then folded back into the cavity disappearing into the milky depths.  The folded relief is lit from behind creating a delicate and luminous web of light, colour and shadow.